The Invitation

Cherry tree

We believe in you! Everything we do supports your individual growth in and through transition.

We live in relationship with all creation and choose to live in awe and wonder. We practice gratitude and honor our deep interconnection and interdependence.

When you are ready, we invite you to use your inside voice, engage in wholehearted conversation, and discover what you love and yearn for, the deepest desire of your heart.

You drive the process. Your best interest remains the priority as we deepen our relationship through ongoing dialogue.

Possibilities surface. Fueled by self-discovery, a step at a time, you begin to identify and shift beliefs and behavior that no longer serve you.

We offer safe space where you are given permission to generate a context of worthiness.

Our family of USE YOUR INSIDE VOICE℠ service offerings are grounded in what we love and our lived experience in, with, and through transition:  INdividual Coaching Packages, IN Circles Learning Groups, INspiring Custom Ceremonies, INsight Seeing Travel, and INtentional Community Collaborations.

“Each time a door closes, the rest of the world opens up.”   Parker Palmer