Why I Coach

wood feet 1

This is the image that surfaces when I reflect on my own experience of being coached.

The coaching conversation was a safe place to explore the deeper parts of me, including some I had put away or buried years ago. Being coached freed me to connect and integrate the wild, wonderful and natural strands of my life.

At the end of the day, I would frequently ask myself, “What is it I yearn for?” I had a sense there was something just out of reach. I was unable to access it on my own.

For me, the experience of coaching has been priceless! I sleep better; I am clearer; I am grounded.

Through integrating what I previously kept partitioned and separate, I am calm, breathe deeply, and move with more ease.

As your coach, I offer you safe space to explore, a process to move forward, and tools to support you in creating new habits and achieving your personal and professional goals.

Experience a complimentary coaching conversation. Imagine where coaching might take you.