In Other’s Words

collage“When I was going through a hard and dark time, Kathy took the time and sat down with me and helped me vision my dreams and goals. At the time, although I wanted to be a Music Supervisor, I didn’t believe I could be. Kathy gave me permission to take the first step, do it, make it happen. Today I’m in Los Angeles and a Music Supervisor, the person who oversees the music content of TV shows. Kathy has this power to really uplift you and make you believe in yourself.”  –Cait

“Coaching helped me to think positively and not be afraid of rejection. This confidence allowed me to find what I wanted: a job and a path to become an American citizen.” –Michelle

“What I learned, as I traveled with Kathy in Ghana and Nigeria and watched was: she sets things up so everything runs smoothly, and yet she remains open to spontaneity, so that if something changes she is ready to pivot and pick a different route.” –David

“Coaching has helped me sort out goals from my ultimate vision and to see the difference. Kathy provided a safe place for me. Her open questions… presumed that the answers were within my experience and reach. I’ve learned to trust that my goals are viable and I am capable of achieving them and that my vision remains something to reach for and continue to shape.” –Pat

“Coaching helped me focus, to clarify my needs and goals.” –Meg

Having known Stan for over 30 years, I can honestly say that he has an exceptional talent for interfacing with political organizations… As someone who interfaces with local and county Governments, Stan is acutely aware of the impact of business on the local populace and governments and is a valuable resource to advise both sides as to the best approaches for whatever situation arises.”–William