Now I See It


We accompany you as you dig deep and observe what is natural for you as you come alive. Through the process of transition, we encourage you to create and design ART that Awakens, Restores and Transforms yourself and your soul.

We journey with you in that space where you let go of what is known and comfortable and courageously face into uncertainty, allowing old patterns to die and new ones take shape.

We live in a time of unprecedented and accelerating change. It’s situational: the new house, the new boss, the new baby, the new relationship, the new job, the new team, the new dream.

“Transition is the psychological process people go through to come to terms with the new situation. Change is external, transition is internal.” William Bridges

We see the pattern in nature. Colorful leaves drop to the earth in autumn as decayed matter and next year’s growth begins to stir in the root underground.

It feels like chaos as the old forms dissolve and the new emerge. Yet year after year, spring brings new beginnings and abundant brilliance. Imagine living each and every day grounded in joy.

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